Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love them!

I just pulled out my camera, hoping I had some new, exciting, cute, fun, (any of the above would have been great) pictures! BUT all I have are some more sunset ones! I then remembered I left my camera in my room charging during the few times I wanted it! Anyway- The school year is finally over (summer semester starts in a week and I am taking 2 online classes!) I have moved back home to work for the summer, and no longer have my wonderful roommates to live with. I was so blessed to randomly end up in the same apartment as all of them and I am sad that it will never be the same. Of course that realization didn't hit me until yesterday when one of them had already moved out, and I was filling up my car with my last load, and two other girls were packing up their bedroom and cleaning everything. It made me so sad! They are all living together next year, but I will be gone. A few times one of them would ask me something about the fall.. and I would just stare at them blankly until they remembered that I wouldn't be there, we then hugged each other and said, I'm so sad... I'm going to miss you so much! (CHEESY but so true!) Each one of the girls added so much to our apartment, and here are a couple things I love about each of them!

Tasha- She really is the nicest, sweetest, girl ever! She is a morning person and every morning when I would come out of my room she would say good morning and ask if there was anything I needed. One time, she knew I had been sick (or something..) and she brought me in some hot chocolate! She cares so much abotu everyone and is willing to help them anyway she can. She is naiive (I don't know how to spell that!) and sensitive and just so loving.
Marinda- The best personality! She is so funny! And fun to be around. Says the most awkward sentences, without noticing, making them worthy for the quote board. The latest one was "I'm pro-crap. Oh boy, that came out weirder than I thought it would." (or something super close to that.) She is SO cute, all the boys want her and she just is innocent and loves having fun! We had a lot of fun just joking around with each other, I am going to miss her calling me KyKy!

Liz- Somewhat a blonde, (with red hair!) She is so funny, without even knowing she is! She is very comforting and I loved laying in her bed with her.. I think I did it like twice, but also, when I was super sick, she played mommy for me and brought me in a hair dryer to sleep with. She was willing to help, but the best thing, ok maybe not the best, but I loved how spacy she is! One time she 'lost' her keys. She came to my class and borrowed mine so she didn't have to be on campus all day. When she got home and realized they weren't in her room like she thought they may have been, she went back to campus and looked everywhere she thought they could have been. She still couldn't find them and came back home pretty worried. She sat down, grabbed her backpack to look through it one last time (she already had checked it like 8 times!) and guess what she found....?! Her keys!! They were there the whole time! She also was always losing her phone. :)

Katie- She's hilarious! She is SO outgoing, always meeting new people, and actually inviting them to hang out. She puts together so many activities. And she is an amazing singer! She plays the guitar and would sing and we always loved to hear her! She is so blunt, sarcastic, and yet loving at the same time. I don't know how she pulls it off! (this was the only picture of just her I could find!)

Sarah- Last but not least, my best friend of 7 years now.. wow! Her and I finish each others sentences. OR we say the exact same thing at the same time! We do it so often, now we barely even notice. A few weeks ago, when it happened, we just kept talking like nothing happened, and the kid we were talking to stared at us with a freaked out facial expression... haha it was so funny! We can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking.. I love it! We do so many things together, and she is always there for me, and always willing to listen, and help in any way she can. I am so blessed to have so many good friends!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


...Possibly! I just had to write how much I am LOVING spring! I know it's supposed to be rainy and chilly again this coming week, but as for now, I am enjoying the short/flip-flop weather! I don't have anything super exciting to blog about, except that this is the last week of classes! Next week is finals week, and although I only have one on Monday, it is going to be tough! And that also means that this week has been full of final projects/presentations in all of my other classes! I am glad to say I am almost done and all that I have left is (the hardest thing of all.. of course!) a take-home final paper/exam for my teaching reading class. I have been taking classes for almost a complete year since I came back into the 'school scene.' And it doesnt' stop yet! I am going to take 2 online classes so that when I get home from my mission, crossing my fingers I will be able to make it home right before Christmas of next year, then start school in January, and do my level 3 spring semester, a few other random classes I have left throughout the summer, and then student teaching in the fall! Then what-- GRADUATION?? Crazy! It is still far away but that is the layout... for now. :) ALTHOUGH- I have become really interested in photography lately, not enough to switch my major from Elementary Education to it, because photo majors have to be extremely artistic in many ways and dedicate every fiber of their being to it- but I really do think I would enjoy taking a beginning photography class :) And on that note- here are a few pictures I took the other night, I was driving back into Logan to my apartment from my dads house in Mendon and couldn't help but pull over to take a few pics. I am obsessed with sunsets, and skies. They are so beautiful (sometimes) and it just makes me start thinking.. deeply about all sorts of things! ANYWAY... Here's to sunsets in spring! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I seriously spent forever trying to make that last post look right. and the pictures kept deleting, and I had to re-upload them and ugh. it STILL turned out WACK. I'm sorry!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The ABC's of Texas!

A lot of fun!

binkies, baths, blankies, bedtime, bubbles...


doggy!... or should I say 'goggy'

Easter eggs!... and eggo waffles :)

fruit 'nackies'


hold you! (meaning: I want you to hold me! Quite difficult when both girls want you!)

I lub you!

juicy in my 'bo-du'


lovin' living the life of a mom! haha

Mailbox trips... everyday!

now that I'm gone, I miss the Frodsham Family SO stinkin' bad!

Outings outside in the wonderful summer weather..

parks, pigtails, popsicles...'po-ka-ka

Quite an adventure with 2 year old twins!

riverwalk... Rita's for dinner, with Bridgette and the girls! Downtown..

San Antonio!

terrible two's... TIMES 2! No no it wasn't THAT bad... ;)

Umbrella...?! It rained HUGE raindrops one day!

very, VERY cute and fun girls!


xcited' little girls... LOVED being with them!

You are my sunshine... :)

zZzzzZZzzzzZzzzz.... great naps for them- and me!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

...please don't sunshine away...

I have been SO emotional lately, I have no clue why. I was sitting here with the twins, and their mom, dad, brother, and sisters called and wanted to talk to them. They are 2 and didn't talk super well on the phone, but when their mom and dad started singing this song, they filled in the words. It was SO cute. I teared up. I have never actually thought about the meaning of this song. A good friend of mine, a mom, an old neighbor, died a couple of weeks ago. She has 5 kids at home, from age 5 to 16. I am going to start tending them after school until their dad gets home, and be with them all day everyday this summer while he is at work. I am looking forward to it but everytime I think about their family, I tear up. I know it is going to be so hard for all of them to move on in life- ah anyway. Here are the lyrics to the rest of the song, and I just wanted to share it because it made me smile that these twin girls would sing it back to their mom. It helped me see how deep the love these parents have for their kids is, how much they miss them when they're away, and it just really touched my heart.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are grey
you'll never know dear how much I love you
please don't take my sunshine away

The other night dear as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
when I awoke dear I was mistaken
and I held my head and cried

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are grey
you'll never know dear how much I love you
please don't take my sunshine away

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are grey
you'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SO sleepy... but not tired!...?

I was laying in bed, I actually fell asleep, then I woke up and tried to go back to sleep but it seemed impossible. I was laying there thinking of all the things I still needed to do before I went to bed, but my body was so worn out and wanted to sleep, although my mind didn't! Here is what I needed to do (In no particular order):
-Change out of my jeans into pajamas
-Lock the doors (The front foor was locked, but I wanted to double lock it, and the balcony I lock just to feel safer... I am SO paranoid after being robbed in Cali a couple of weeks ago.)
-Take out my contacts
-Clean the house
-Decide on what exactly to do with the twins tomorrow, If I wait and come up with something on the spot.. it usually doesn't work out!

I'm so glad a friend texted me, and I decided I really needed a drink, so now I am up! Did I do all of the things I said I needed to?... Nope! But I did do the most important ones :) Hopefully next time I get in bed tonight, I will be able to fall asleep- for good! (That is until the babies wake me up crying... gotta love it!)

OH-- Twins, babies.... I am in San Antonio Texas tending 2 year old twins for a lady that is basically my role model! I will take some pics and post them as soon as I get home! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

...and for the next 18 months of my life I will be living and serving in....

Well before I tell you WHERE I am going, I want to tell you the story of opening my call! Today is Thursday, most mission calls come on Wednesdays. I think it would have been fun to get it yesterday, because it being April Fools dan and all... could have been awesome! BUT it didn't come, so I figured it would come next week. I left Logan around noon to head to Bountiful to watch Taylor wrestle his little heart out at the district tournament. Just in case it came, I asked my roommate if she would bring it home. So I was at the tournament, when Sarah texted me and said guess what? I didn't think anything of it because I had asked her the same question a little before that and gave her some silly answer. BUT when she replied this is what it said...
YOUR CALL IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) Of course I immediately began freaking out and started wondering how I was going to make it possible for all of my family to be there when I opened it because everyone had conflicting schedules. My dad had to be back in Logan by 5, Sarah wasn't planning on leaving Logan until 5 to come home ( and bring it.) I guess I will stop giving everydetail and get to the exciting part! My stepmom (LOVE HER!) left work early, broke into my apartment to get the call, then drove over an hour just to bring it to me and be there with me while I opened it. Don't forget we were all still at Taylors wrestling tournament and he obviously couldn't leave, neither could Tanner because he is a coach. SO we all went outside good ol' Viewmont high school and I opened it! My dad, stepmom, stepsis Angela, my mom, stepdad, brothers Tanner and Taylor, sister Kinsey (and her friend Hali)... were there! Mike got it on video so as soon as he gets home I will post it :) ok ok enough chit-chat. I am going to... Brazil! I am SO exited! I would write it all in caps- but then you would have seen it and skipped down to the end of this ever-so-long-and-pointless post! Anyway, it is the Maceio mission, on the coast, right around the farthest east part of the continent! I am scheduled to leave August 5th, but my stake president is going to see if he can sneak me there one transfer early! In that case I would be leaving June 23rd. Crazy Crazy Crazy! SO exciting! welll here are a few pics of the country :)