Tuesday, May 26, 2009

St. George... the place of all happiness :)

I LOVE taking trips to St. George.. I'm not sure what it is, but its just a wonderful city! I love laying out in the sun, love being goofy with great friends, love shopping, swimming, eating yummy food (In & Out, Pizza Factory) and I love just being able to relax and have time to do nothing but be lazy! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nieces :)

... They make me happy! Today I drove down to Provo to (go to the temple) and visit my stepsister-in-law! haha She is the sweetest person ever and has the 3 most adorable girls!! Aspen graduated from kindergarten today, Brindley was SO excited when I finally got to their house... and Caedence was so smiley and happy the whole time! I definately love spending time with them and wish they lived closer!
Aspen is the cute blondie front/center in the purple skirt!
LOVE Brindley's smile! :)
Not the best picture on my part.... but I couldn't get her to smile for the camera! (I love her cute curly hair!)

My new 2nd family :)

Here are the cute kids I am nannying for now! We just got done playing in the rain and then jumping on the tramp with the sprinkler! Missy (in the pink, her friend Lizzie is in the blue) is almost 10, Marcus (on the right) is almost 8, and Zach (in the back) will be 7 in September. Cody (will be 17 in August) and Caleb (is 14) are their older brothers that don't necessarily need supervision. But I am excited for the summer to be with them all day and do a lot of fun things!

I want to:

  • go to the zoo

  • swimming at cherry hill

  • visit the new aquarium

  • the dinosaur museum

  • .....

What else is there to do around the salt lake area with these 3 kids?? (The older 2 are going to live with their uncle and work construction all summer... yikes!)

Monday, May 18, 2009


A couple of weekends ago, a bunch of friends and I drove down to Zions! We canped out, went hiking, then drove to St. george and stayed at one of my friends' grandparents house. It was a lot of fun!

I went to a demolition derby with my brother, his girlfriend, and some of my friends! It was really fun! I can't remember ever going to one before (I think I did when I was little, but I couldn't remember!) There was a really nice car in one of the heats and all of the boys were freaking out that it was in a demolition derby! And about 10 seconds after the flags were waved... this is what happened to the really nice car! (I think it was a Chevell?... something like that!)

Yesterday we celebrated my little, I should say younger because she is taller than me, sisters birthday with my dad and that side of the family. She is such an amazing girl! She also had a really big and long dance competition this weekend, it was fun to watch her, she is a really good dancer! Although sometimes Kins can be a grouch (all teenagers are, right??) she is SO fun and funny and fun to be around! She always looks SO cute and everyone loves her! I have always adored her, and I love having a younger sister. I think all girls should have a sister :)

The newly engaged young couple in love!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"I can't let go I'm-- SO emotional!"

I guess I am going to treat this more like a journal for this post--
I am such an emotional person. I hang on to EVERYTHING. Whenever I drive past the house I grew up in- I have to tell everyone about it and I start thinking about memories that happened there. Same with my elementary school. And every other house I've lived in or school I have gone to. Lately I have been missing California SO much. But when I was there- I missed Utah. I didn't have very many friends out there but the family I lived with was amazing and although it was super crazy/chaotic and at times I thought I would go insane- I still love it and miss it terribly. I want to go back and visit, but its not really the same anymore, especially now that it has been a year since I moved back to Utah. Now- I miss being in Logan. (I miss my roommates! It is such a blessing I know them and are close to them!) But when I was there towards the end I was so ready to be done with school and move back home. I do love kaysville, but it isn't the same as it used to be (of course.) All of my good friends are gone (except one who never hangs out with me.... hint hint! ;) jk...but seriously!) And the people that do live here- It just isn't the same! I don't know how else to put it. I guess all I am trying to say is that I wish I were better at making friends. Or even better- I wish I didn't feel like I NEED to be out doing something. I mean- I am fine a lot of the time just hanging out around my house with my family- but there are some nights where I just want to go be social and hang out and do something fun there is one thing lacking- someone to do it with.
I often find myself dwelling on old memories- old loves, old best friends, old lifestyles.... and there isn't anything I can do about missing them! I guess it is good that I have a lot of good memories, but I hope I don't look back at where I am right now and see only a sad girl looking back even further.

I guess the moral to all of this missing-where-I-used-to-be is to start loving where I am so that when I have to move onto something else, I won't look back and have any regrets if things that I didn't do.

The family from California... I seriously love them so much! Kira, Samantha, Matthew, Amanda, Alexa, and Joseph. And yes I took them out for dinner at a pizza place all by myself! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

my GPA was what?!?

... I checked my final grades today, expecting 2 A-'s and guess what I found?
ALL A's!! I got a 4.0 in college! I am super excited... although my classes weren't extremely tough, and I guess I feel like if I would have gotten below an A- in any of my classes it would have been ridiculous, but still. I just wanted to share my excitement! :)