Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love them!

I just pulled out my camera, hoping I had some new, exciting, cute, fun, (any of the above would have been great) pictures! BUT all I have are some more sunset ones! I then remembered I left my camera in my room charging during the few times I wanted it! Anyway- The school year is finally over (summer semester starts in a week and I am taking 2 online classes!) I have moved back home to work for the summer, and no longer have my wonderful roommates to live with. I was so blessed to randomly end up in the same apartment as all of them and I am sad that it will never be the same. Of course that realization didn't hit me until yesterday when one of them had already moved out, and I was filling up my car with my last load, and two other girls were packing up their bedroom and cleaning everything. It made me so sad! They are all living together next year, but I will be gone. A few times one of them would ask me something about the fall.. and I would just stare at them blankly until they remembered that I wouldn't be there, we then hugged each other and said, I'm so sad... I'm going to miss you so much! (CHEESY but so true!) Each one of the girls added so much to our apartment, and here are a couple things I love about each of them!

Tasha- She really is the nicest, sweetest, girl ever! She is a morning person and every morning when I would come out of my room she would say good morning and ask if there was anything I needed. One time, she knew I had been sick (or something..) and she brought me in some hot chocolate! She cares so much abotu everyone and is willing to help them anyway she can. She is naiive (I don't know how to spell that!) and sensitive and just so loving.
Marinda- The best personality! She is so funny! And fun to be around. Says the most awkward sentences, without noticing, making them worthy for the quote board. The latest one was "I'm pro-crap. Oh boy, that came out weirder than I thought it would." (or something super close to that.) She is SO cute, all the boys want her and she just is innocent and loves having fun! We had a lot of fun just joking around with each other, I am going to miss her calling me KyKy!

Liz- Somewhat a blonde, (with red hair!) She is so funny, without even knowing she is! She is very comforting and I loved laying in her bed with her.. I think I did it like twice, but also, when I was super sick, she played mommy for me and brought me in a hair dryer to sleep with. She was willing to help, but the best thing, ok maybe not the best, but I loved how spacy she is! One time she 'lost' her keys. She came to my class and borrowed mine so she didn't have to be on campus all day. When she got home and realized they weren't in her room like she thought they may have been, she went back to campus and looked everywhere she thought they could have been. She still couldn't find them and came back home pretty worried. She sat down, grabbed her backpack to look through it one last time (she already had checked it like 8 times!) and guess what she found....?! Her keys!! They were there the whole time! She also was always losing her phone. :)

Katie- She's hilarious! She is SO outgoing, always meeting new people, and actually inviting them to hang out. She puts together so many activities. And she is an amazing singer! She plays the guitar and would sing and we always loved to hear her! She is so blunt, sarcastic, and yet loving at the same time. I don't know how she pulls it off! (this was the only picture of just her I could find!)

Sarah- Last but not least, my best friend of 7 years now.. wow! Her and I finish each others sentences. OR we say the exact same thing at the same time! We do it so often, now we barely even notice. A few weeks ago, when it happened, we just kept talking like nothing happened, and the kid we were talking to stared at us with a freaked out facial expression... haha it was so funny! We can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking.. I love it! We do so many things together, and she is always there for me, and always willing to listen, and help in any way she can. I am so blessed to have so many good friends!

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