Sunday, August 30, 2009

This week was great! Last Tuesday, on pday there was a huge rain storm! It came so quickly, and was raining SO hard. The streets all flooded and there are hills, and everyone just stood on the sidewalks inside all of the little stores. We were at a little grocery store! But we were with our teacher sister Erika and she made us wait there until it slowed down, it only took about 30 mins. She is the sweetest little lady ever! She is like 4 feet tall and 27 I think. She wants to move to Utah, and I really really hope she can. She has been saving for a long time and I am going to keep in touch with her and help her if I can! She brings us treats like every day and is a really good teacher. Last week we went with her and got pastels, which are this pastry, filled with strawberries and chocolate and deep fried... SO good!! I have learned a lot of the language, but from just trying to buy a pillow at a store..... I don~t know anything! It is rough! haha it was hilarious. There was a teenage boy and I said (in portuguese) I want this. He said this?... Then He spit out a long sentence and I just stared at him. I kinda figured out that he meant the lady who owned the store wasnt there and I had to wait until she got back before I could buy it. Because he was looking up and down the street and also because that is what a lot of people would do in Chile last year. So we waited a minute and tried to communicate and realized how much we DONT know! But Gospel wise.. we know a lot! We are working on teaching the first lesson in portuguese. It is going pretty good, but still rough. Tomorrow we have to go 24 hours with out speaking english, I am SO worried!!! A quote from the Joseph Smith movie we watched on Sunday, ...The Lord calls us in our weakness, but he qualifies us for His work. It really hit me! That is totally how I feel! So weak and like I dont know anything, but I know if I work my hardest then I will be able to be a successful missionary for Him. I forgot that Nik Whitaker was Joseph from 14-17ish in that movie, it was cool. You can go to Dear and write me I think! Maybe tell my friends to do that, or through missionties if you guys end up doing that, but I will only be here 6 more weeks so depending on how much it costs, we can just wait and see or something! It has been really cold here! And I was sick with a cold, so that made it all worse but I am kind of almost better so that is good! Classes are good, the language is coming... its hard but I am trying! I am still learning more and more about the gospel, It is a really great experience! I think I am going to buy a backpack so that my suitcase isnt over weight! There is a store here that has them and customizes them it is about $35. It will be good to have too if I ever need just an overnight bag or something. I love hearing from you! Tell Tanner, Kins and Tay I want to hear from them too!! Kelsey did write, and Grandma too... I don~t know why they wont forward, but the blog should be fine for now, make sure if you see Kenny to have him write me. Ah and tell him I am SO sad. I miss him so much I started crying when you said he came over! Did you guys all get my letters? I feel like there is more to write, but I can~t think of anything! And time is going quickly. So until next week, I love you! Love, Kiley

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

That is cool about my mission president, I should have asked the Beynons! I don~t think the email forwarded either... I dont know why. But maybe see if Tanner will help you figure it out. I haven~t heard from anyone else besides lindsey sweat, well rose! Only elder Eggertz is going to Maceio, all the other ones are going to Maneus, in the amazon! There should be another picture email coming, of us in front of the temple! I love going, we went again today, i dont think we will next time. Did missionties email you? If they didn~t then go to and see if you can sign up, then i could get letters (emails) daily instead of only on tuesday in 30 minutes! I don~t know how much it is, but you can use my money too. Did you guys all get the letters that i sent? Lindsey said she was so happy to see you all at their reception! I am SO sad I wasn~t there. For the package, if you could maybe find a few little a-z address books so i can write down scriptures and stuff all under like the category hope, and be able to find it, i think that would be super helpful! Sorry about the not caps and no apostrophes this keyboard is weird and i am trying to hurry! I am sorry you have to be on crutches for longer! I really hope your ankle will be all the way better! Tell Debbie thanks and I would love to hear from her. I agree with what AJ said! I am sad to miss the logan reunion as well! Tell Tay good luck with soccer, that will be good for him! Tell Linda thanks! Thats too bad trevs roommate is struggling.... hopefully trev isn~t upset about it. I hope and pray that Mike will get a job! Have tanner or kinsey ask stephen about trevors xbox.... he needs to pick it up, cuz the guy couldn~t fix it or something. I got sick last week, just my stomach being dumb and the food doesn~t help AT ALL! But I am doing a little better... also when i was running during gym, my ankle kind of just went out and uh.. I face planted it! And it happened twice, so i dont run anymore because my ankles are retarded! This letter is SO scrammbled i~m sorry! We have 3 firesides a week, and they are always wonderful! One of them this week was a stake president here in brazil, and him and his wife are both converts and they were amazed at how many missionaries are here. they still think of the missionaries that taught them as angels and it was so neat to hear from them and realize that that will be me they are talking about soon! We got new blankets here, exactly like my white fuzzy one at home! The first day it made me super homesick! Now I love it though :) I have been dreaming so much though, and not sleeping very well... sarah is an amazing helicopter driver and courtney had a beautiful short sparkly maid of honor dress at lindseys wedding! We started giving the short lesson in portuguese! It is hard but is so neat! I have learned SO much! I love the gospel and am so grateful to be here! I miss the stone and maughan kids so much!!! We watched the legacy in port. on sunday... with english subtitles, it was neat. I LOVED the quote at the end, Promise me my legacy of faith will never die. That is how I feel!! I need Dane~s address! haha I will have to get it next week or something, I am running out of time. I love you guys so much! Write me back! Sorry this was all so scattered... I am glad michells wedding went well!I might try to get on again, but if not... next week. eventually i will figure out this system. i LOVE YOU!!!!!love, sister kiley :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kiley's first email-August 11, 2009

Wow! It has been an adventure! miss you all SOOO much! This email is going to be kind of scattered because I am trying to hurry. I am at this place called Mr. Cheneys cookies and I am going to send something about joining missionties, I think it is 10 dollars and they scan our letters in or email you so they get there in 2 days, and you can write to me on and it will get to me in the mail (they print it off and take it to the mtc) in like 1 day! So that would be really nice so that it doesnt take weeks to get the letters. Pday is tuesday, so I will get to email every week. The flight over was good, I only cried a little at the airport! This city is crazy huge! It has been nice weather, like 75-80 but today it is like 68ish and kinda rainy. Our teachers are really cool! They are brazilllian and reallly funny and are returned missionaries and kind of know english. Brother Bonofacio, and Sister Erika. The food is... interesting. I think they try to make us happpy by having some american food. We had hot dogs once, and french fries twice! Pasta, and chicken nuggets were super yummy too! But the rest is some sort of flavored meat, sometimes its nasty. Lots of salad and weird veggies, fruit every day, rolls, rice and beans every meal! My companions are awesome. Sister Read is from colorado, she has short red hair and reminds me of melissa heath(its a good thing, I miss you Meliss!). We get a long good. Sister Young is from provo, but she claims to be from alaska because her family moved there while she was going to BYU (her family moved around a lot her dad was in the military.) She is always giving compliments and reminds me of my roommate Katie sometimes J I need everybodies addresses! Unless... maybe all my friends could email you mom, in order to send through missionties if you decide to do that, so it would be quick, and make good use of the money! But friends and family.... Send me your home addresses just in case! And you can respond email, I will probably write a huge one back to my mom and have her divy(dish) them out ot each of you because I reallly want to keep in touch! I love and miss you all! The MTC President and Sister Woodward are amazing! She has been reallly sweet and always asks me if I am doing alright. There are 6 boys from davis here right now! Austin cooper, taylor read, taylor sorensen, kyle mcleod and (someone)hansen. Cooper and Mcleod talk to me when we run into each other, Coop the other day was all... are you doin alright, its kind of a hard adjustment! It was sweet. Have I gotten any letters at home? Send them to me if I have please!! I think it is 3 stamps, but I`m not positive. .I cant think of anything else I wanted to say, I know there is more but just ask questions and I will answer them. I love being here (most of the time) I feel trapped sometimes because I cant go anywhere without my comps and we can only leave the building (5 block boundary) on pday! I am learning so much! It is hard but will be worth it. They threw us into learning portuguese and I am doing pretty well... but still have MUCH more to learn! I love you all and hope to hear back! Love, Sister (weird!) Kiley PorathP.S.Happy Birthday Drew!!P.P.S Did you get the email that they sent you withthe district picture? One of the elders reminds me so much of Drew!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bridal Shower #2

One of my best friends, Lindsey, is getting married in a week! We threw her a last minute shower. It was so much fun to get everyone together! I love all these friends and wish I could be at Lindsey's wedding.... but her and Ryan will be happy!

Also.... a few of my recents posts have been out of order so scroll down to find the other new ones! :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A glimpse from the past...

2 years ago at Kenny's farewell....
He gets home in 3 weeks... I leave in 2 days.
I miss him so much!