Thursday, April 23, 2009


...Possibly! I just had to write how much I am LOVING spring! I know it's supposed to be rainy and chilly again this coming week, but as for now, I am enjoying the short/flip-flop weather! I don't have anything super exciting to blog about, except that this is the last week of classes! Next week is finals week, and although I only have one on Monday, it is going to be tough! And that also means that this week has been full of final projects/presentations in all of my other classes! I am glad to say I am almost done and all that I have left is (the hardest thing of all.. of course!) a take-home final paper/exam for my teaching reading class. I have been taking classes for almost a complete year since I came back into the 'school scene.' And it doesnt' stop yet! I am going to take 2 online classes so that when I get home from my mission, crossing my fingers I will be able to make it home right before Christmas of next year, then start school in January, and do my level 3 spring semester, a few other random classes I have left throughout the summer, and then student teaching in the fall! Then what-- GRADUATION?? Crazy! It is still far away but that is the layout... for now. :) ALTHOUGH- I have become really interested in photography lately, not enough to switch my major from Elementary Education to it, because photo majors have to be extremely artistic in many ways and dedicate every fiber of their being to it- but I really do think I would enjoy taking a beginning photography class :) And on that note- here are a few pictures I took the other night, I was driving back into Logan to my apartment from my dads house in Mendon and couldn't help but pull over to take a few pics. I am obsessed with sunsets, and skies. They are so beautiful (sometimes) and it just makes me start thinking.. deeply about all sorts of things! ANYWAY... Here's to sunsets in spring! :)


  1. KY! that first one is my favorite... i love sunsets too! i was just looking though all my old sunset pictures that all my missionaries have sent me and i decided i need to start collecting them again!

  2. Hey great sunset photos.......... do take a photo class ! I took one in highschool and I never regreted it. Also photography mags. help give ya ideas.
    How are you doing other than all the end of school stuff. Reunion??

  3. Aspen says "I like your blog it is cute! I like you! I like your pictures, they are cute, and I like your blog!" (again)

    sharla says " You are great at taking photos!! I love how you got the rusty fence in them. They look awesome!