Thursday, April 2, 2009

...and for the next 18 months of my life I will be living and serving in....

Well before I tell you WHERE I am going, I want to tell you the story of opening my call! Today is Thursday, most mission calls come on Wednesdays. I think it would have been fun to get it yesterday, because it being April Fools dan and all... could have been awesome! BUT it didn't come, so I figured it would come next week. I left Logan around noon to head to Bountiful to watch Taylor wrestle his little heart out at the district tournament. Just in case it came, I asked my roommate if she would bring it home. So I was at the tournament, when Sarah texted me and said guess what? I didn't think anything of it because I had asked her the same question a little before that and gave her some silly answer. BUT when she replied this is what it said...
YOUR CALL IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) Of course I immediately began freaking out and started wondering how I was going to make it possible for all of my family to be there when I opened it because everyone had conflicting schedules. My dad had to be back in Logan by 5, Sarah wasn't planning on leaving Logan until 5 to come home ( and bring it.) I guess I will stop giving everydetail and get to the exciting part! My stepmom (LOVE HER!) left work early, broke into my apartment to get the call, then drove over an hour just to bring it to me and be there with me while I opened it. Don't forget we were all still at Taylors wrestling tournament and he obviously couldn't leave, neither could Tanner because he is a coach. SO we all went outside good ol' Viewmont high school and I opened it! My dad, stepmom, stepsis Angela, my mom, stepdad, brothers Tanner and Taylor, sister Kinsey (and her friend Hali)... were there! Mike got it on video so as soon as he gets home I will post it :) ok ok enough chit-chat. I am going to... Brazil! I am SO exited! I would write it all in caps- but then you would have seen it and skipped down to the end of this ever-so-long-and-pointless post! Anyway, it is the Maceio mission, on the coast, right around the farthest east part of the continent! I am scheduled to leave August 5th, but my stake president is going to see if he can sneak me there one transfer early! In that case I would be leaving June 23rd. Crazy Crazy Crazy! SO exciting! welll here are a few pics of the country :)


  1. Congratulations Kiley that is so exciting. What beautiful pictures-makes me want to go! We will be out to visit in July so if you don't leave until August we will get a chance to see you, but I know you probably can't wait and are hoping for June. Congrats again and thanks for calling.

  2. I think when you said "broke in" you meant that your step mom waited in a car outside the apartment for your roommate to come home and unlock the door for her :) but i guess breaking in sound alot cooler, sorry to burst the bubble.

  3. Congratulations Squirt! I looked the place up and it is beautiful!! How's your Portuguese? or will you be learning it there?
    Again, Congratulations!
    Love ya, Jackie

  4. you don't even know how i excited i am for you! brazil will be amazing :) i'm going to have to come visit you i think.. expand my cultural horizons!