Thursday, May 21, 2009

My new 2nd family :)

Here are the cute kids I am nannying for now! We just got done playing in the rain and then jumping on the tramp with the sprinkler! Missy (in the pink, her friend Lizzie is in the blue) is almost 10, Marcus (on the right) is almost 8, and Zach (in the back) will be 7 in September. Cody (will be 17 in August) and Caleb (is 14) are their older brothers that don't necessarily need supervision. But I am excited for the summer to be with them all day and do a lot of fun things!

I want to:

  • go to the zoo

  • swimming at cherry hill

  • visit the new aquarium

  • the dinosaur museum

  • .....

What else is there to do around the salt lake area with these 3 kids?? (The older 2 are going to live with their uncle and work construction all summer... yikes!)

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