Tuesday, July 12, 2011


There has been SO much going on for me this summer... hence why I have not posted in 2 months! (no excuse I know... but hey... here is the complete update!)

My dear sister got married May 27th. It was an amazing day, and everything went well! She is growing up and learning a lot!
Here I am with my cute cousin's adorable baby, Kamus!
Jason and I have been on many adventures and done a lot of fun things! Here we are at the Colorado Rockies game! SO fun!!
His birthday dinner... at Tucanos! They sang "happy Birthday" in Portuguese! So fun for me :) and he is a crazy boy and loved the little dance :)
We road tripped to Colorado to visit his parents..... Yeah... we were driving and he wasnt watching the road during this picture!
REAL soccer game!!
Camping with my family. Jason rolled the 4-wheeler with us 3 on it. We are showing our road rash.... oh yeah... this was on my birthday :) He gave me an everlasting present!
Boating, boating, and more boating. I LOVE it! I am still too chicken to clear the wake but hey... I can do a little jump or 2 :)
I got a new niece!!! Sweet little Addison Mist Mccarty. She is the cutest thing ever!
Her oldest sister Aspen was baptized! She's such a goof ball!
Jason and I dressed up for the baptism, and also his friend's wedding. It was an awesome day!
Hangin with the fam on the fourth!
Ran my first race... just a 5k. But I met my 3 goals... cross the finish line...dont stop running... and do it in 30 mins. yay! next goal.... 27 mins!
oh and yes jason is wearing a metal... he got 2! One for taking 3rd place out of EVERYBODY and one for being the first in his age group. He's amazing!!

And this... is me and him laying on my roof watching fireworks after a long couple of days. It was such a relaxing perfect night! I love this boy!!!

Summer is my favorite time of the year! this year has been an awesome one so far!

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