Friday, August 5, 2011

So did you notice....

how all of the pics in my last few posts are all of me and jason??
That is....
and guess what else.....
he loves me!
AND..... we are
E N G A G E D!!!!!!

we will be getting sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on October 13th. SO excited!!! I cant wait!!!!


so i did write about how we met in this blog
i dont know how to make it a link... so hopefully that will work. anyway....
long story short- we had institute (preparing for eternal marriage) together and he proposed to me in class as a joke on our teacher.
so when he proposed.....

he rented a sexy car.... :)
picked me up and pretended I was the one that was supposed to have made plans for our date! We started driving north... and passed Layton... and just kept driving! he said it was because he wanted to just drive the nice car. hmmm.
He eventually told me we were going to some place called Big Joe's just passed the Utah/Idaho border. so we drove into Logan and were heading out of Logan when he said.... "I am so hungry, lets just eat here!" as he pulled into Hamiltons Steakhouse.
suuuuuper yummy!! :)
he did have reservations by the way!
So after our nice dinner... we went to this place called the island.. and walked around a little outside. It was perfect weather among the trees and there was a river and waterfall. :)
Then... he said he wanted to take me on a walk/hike up the canyon. Only I wasnt wearing the best shoes for that.... oh well! It was an adventure! We had to wakl on top of these huge tubes... like water pipes. It was wet and slippery and slightly scary! Then we had to walk through a tiny dark tunnel! On the other side... we could see into the valley a little, and could see the beautiful pinky sky. SO pretty!

Then... we were heading home.. or so I thought... and we went and parked at the institute and walked around Old Main a little. He started talking about some childrens book he had seen and made him think of me. He said he bought it, and asked if I wanted to see it. He ran to the car and got it annnnd it ended up being a book that he made for me!

It was full of pictures of us, and things we have done. SOOOO cute!! Made me so happy! The last page, has a list of some of the things he loves about me. He told me I had to read them all out loud. So I did... and the bottom of the page says....
"Last but not least.... I LOVE YOU!!!!"
and I turned around and...

he was on one knee and asked, "Will you marry me?!"
ssoooo we were at the institute just like the first time!

Only this time it was real and romantic and amazing!

I just froze for a few seconds, then when I realized I hadnt answered him, quickly said yes and gave him a big kiss and hug!
We talked for a few minutes about everything and then he realized he was still holding the ring! So he handed me the box and told me to look at it... I then realized he hadnt finished his job! I told him this and he got back on one knee and took the ring out and put it on my hand :) :)

I couldnt be happier! I am so SO excited to begin our life together! Things have really just fallen into place and ended up amazing with us two and with just life in general!


LOVE this boy with all my heart!!

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