Saturday, May 21, 2011

shout out.

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to people who take the time to get to know enough about you, to learn to love you, and to tell you they love you. To tell you all the good things about you.
I love the people that see behind the curtain. The people that see this, are the people that WANT to.
Anyone can help others. We can all be selfless and serve others. We can all go out of our way to do something nice for someone else.
This is a shout out to those who choose to do this type of thing.
I understand it cant be everyone all the time. We all have times in our lives we are super stressed or are trying to do too many things. I feel I have moments like this often! But I also often remind myself that even during these times in my life, I still need to reach out to others. They still exist. They still need someone there for them, maybe even more than any other time in their life.
It was humbling as I realized this last night. I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed. I could list all the reasons why, but I would rather just mention that even though we often have these feelings, we can help minimize them by trying to focus on others instead of ourselves. So as I tried to release my ball of stress... I realized things really weren't as bad as they seemed.
I can do this!
I can balance life! No more feeling inadequate at everything I do. I am doing well!

I am soooooo blessed and have the best family ever. Parents that love me. Incredible siblings. I have great friends. The gospel is amazing. I have a home (well two!) I have a car to get me where I need to be. I am almost done with getting a college degree.

Life falls into place. :)


  1. well said Ky. I love you! Stop stressin and stay strong! :)

  2. how do you know danielle and ryan? dani and i served together on our missions and she's one of my favorite people on earth!

    cute blog!

  3. hey kelli.... i went to high school with Danielle. she is the CUTEST girl ever! we were also neighbors/in the same ward at usu. oh and yeah- it was bro irwin at usu institute! i love the fake proposal... and hey... hopefully i'll be getting the real one soon! hahaha