Monday, May 2, 2011


Well... I cant believe it has been almost a month since I posted. So I will just do an update of all the random things I have been up to lately!

First off... my dear little sister Kinsey, is engaged and is getting married May 27th. I have helped her celebrate by going to FOUR bridal showers with her! They were all lots of fun, and she got soooo many gifts! I am sooo excited for her!
Brazil Day!! Erika, my MTC teacher, and Kimee, my MTC companion, and I went to see RIO in 3D! It was awesome!! We had so much fun and were able to laugh, listen to portuguese.. and understand all the fun jokes! I love these girls! We grabbed lunch after, it was so fun to see them :)

Dinner with friends... This is my friend Marina, she is from Brazil as well! She has been here in the states going to BYU-I and is taking a little break and hangin out, before she goes back home, just in time to send off her papers and serve a mission! It was so fun to be with her! We did some crazy things with her hair and just hung out :)

The NERDS!! :) at dinner as well.. perfect for each other!

Easter!!! Ethan, Carter, and Lochlan... 3 of my 5 nephews... had a fun little easter egg hunt!

We also celebrated Declans ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!!! He is the cutest little guy, and I have been lucky to see hima few times now that I am home!

I also had the chance to see one of my best friends AMY dance with the Davis Dance Company, and it was amazing! SOOOO much fun to see! We celebrated at Wingers after.

Tanner, Kelsey, Candace, Jake, Amy, Me, Kenny and Drew.

Brazilian Day numero 2!!

A couple sisters from my mission and I got together to remember the good ol' days. We had guava juice, cuscuz, and lime mousse. It was awesome! We hung out playing Rockband 3 all night.. and just played it up. I love these girls sooo much! :)

And last the best of all the game.... I am dating someone! It is so fun/weird/awesome/different/interesting... to be back in the dating world.

He is amazing! His name is Jason Holt... we met in the fall of 2008 in institute... in the Preparing for Eternal Marriage class.
He proposed to me before we had even dated! haha It is a pretty funny story... Our teachers dream was for 2 people to meet in this class, start dating, and get engaged by the end of the semester. So as the semester came to an end.. we decided to play a joke on him. Jason was the class president and was making announcements and thanking Brother Irwin on the last day of class, when he called for me to come up to the front. He was nervous and shaking.. I was nervous and blushing! But he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said yes, and our teacher started freaking out! He's all, "Oh my GOSH... my dream come true!!!!" One girl in the class kind of ruined it, because she doubted it was real, and made others doubt too. So most people figured out it was a joke.. and I think our teacher is a little bitter until this day!

Anyway... My friend reminded me of this story, and mentioned Jason had asked about me whenever he saw her on campus... so I decided to send him a message on facebook. (CLASSIC.. I know!) I had looked him up a few weeks earlier, wondering if he was married yet or not, saw that he wasnt, but figured he wouldnt even remember who I was. So after talking to my friend about it, I sent him a message, we talked all day, he asked for my number, and called me that night, asking when we could go out. We set it up for about a week and a half later, and ever since... things are just going really well! He is sooo sweet, fun, funny, hard working, worthy, strong (in more than one way.. you will see!) just a really neat guy. He is graduating this weekend and not sure where he will be after. Soooo if things are meant to work out.. they will! One way or another :)

My mom and I drove up to Boise to see this STRONG boy win his race! He always takes first... and I can brag FOR him.. cuz he wont! He is an amazing runner, used to run cross country, but due to injuries now runs the 800 (half a mile) and he can do it in 1 minute 49 seconds! He always takes first, and is ranked 30th in the nation. He still has a few more meets, that I wont be able to go to, and he is wanting to run it one second faster.. and he will be in the top 8 in the NATION!!!

Sooo.... yes my life is random, but I am loving it!

Also last week, I got pulled over TWICE! For the dumbest reasons! First, cuz my registration sticker wasnt on my plate.... and secondly for an unsafe lane change. I didnt turn my blinker on, wait 2 seconds, before changing lanes... like I should have! And also there is no light on my rear license plate like there should be. Good thing it is my parents car! I didnt get a ticket either time... it was just crazy, twice in the same week! After not having been pulled over for years.. ok maybe a year and a half of that was because I wasnt even driving... but still.. I think the last time I was pulled over, was when I was 18!

Life is good.. I am glad the weather is warming up and we can have more time outside!



  1. Oh yay! I love this post. Except you didn't even mention hanging out with me...the most important person! Haha, jk. Savor these moments because they are special. :) Love you Ky!

  2. Oh marinda... I will have to go into depth about our dates annnd mention that you, one of my bestest friends ever, were there! :).

  3. Ky I love you! And I love that you are dating this boy! Write me and send me some details friend :)

  4. i love your fake proposal story! is that brother irwin at usu institute? i took that same class from him back in 08. so crazy! he was my aunt's first kiss! seriously small world. it makes me laugh.