Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two amazing covenants.

It all starts with baptism, and works towards temple sealings. On Saturday I was able to witness both, within my family.

The sealing was amazing. I seiously LOVE being inside the temple. It really is the house of out Lord and a place of comfort, peace, and love. In the beginning I thought, "meh.. I wont cry, I dont need a tissue." But the Lords presence really was felt in this wonderful sealing.

My stepmom's brother and his wife had adopted a family of four kids, and were sealed to them in the past, but in that process they were touched and knew there would be one more. So after receiving little Rachel, they were able to seal her to them and their cute family yesterday.

The sealer was amazing and reminded us that the sealing ordinance is the most important and most cherished ordinance.

I am looking forward to the day when I will be sealed to a worthy young man, and be able to start my own little family, inside this wonderful covenant of this amazing gospel.

Beautiful Logan Temple, covered by the April snow. Most of this half of the family, with the two special girls. Angela, Kinsey, Me, Dad, Anita, Taylor Shandy and Lacy The baptism was just as wonderful and when asked why they would be getting baptized, little Lacy responded, "To get all of my sins washed away." And Shandy added, "to get the Holy Ghost and so we can be perfect." They are both adorable, sweet, innocent souls and I am so proud of them for wanting to take this step in their lives! They are such great examples to their siblings and are the cutest little cousins ever! Kinsey[almost 19] Taylor[15] Kiley[almost 23] ALL the same height! Love these two :) This weekend was wonderful, especially being spent with my family. We are together through the ups and the downs. I am so blessed! My family is wonderful. The gospel is amazing. We have a perfect Father in Heaven to watch over us and guide us to all the blessings He has in store for us. Being at a baptism, I realized it was the first one I had been to, since I have been home from the mission. Reminded me of many stories... one of which I will be posting about soon!

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