Friday, September 24, 2010

Kiley's September 20th Email

Sarah here.... Ky asked me to start posting her weekly emails on her blog for people to read, Here is her email from last week:

Well... I will send a quick update of the work! We are still... knocking a billion doors. BUT are having a little more success!
A member, Raul, came up to us and said that he has 2 sons, with his ex-wife, and he wants them to be baptized. So we went to talk to his ex (who also is a member, but inactive) and she supports them to be baptized, as long as they choose it, and will be dedicated to the church. The boys are 10 and 12 years old! The 12 year old, really really wants to be baptized and he knows that the church is true and wants to go each week soooo... his baptism will be in the next couple of weeks! His name is Thalison. Leandro, his little brother, is a little scared of committment (yes... a little strange, cuz he is only 10!) But his parents are leaving it toally up to them and letting them know the responsibility they will have when they are members of the church. So Leandro is going to wait a little longer. But it ws really neat when we went to share a message with them. Ana, the mom, really felt the spirit and was so happy, she teared up, that we went to visit her. We are hoping she can return to church too, but not asking for all these miracles at once!

We also returned to visit an old investigator, who works with, and is a friend with a member (a stake high counselman... or something like that.) She isnt keeping the Word of Wisdom, but she said she wants to. She said she wants to be baptized and knows that she can quit smoking, and drinking coffee so that she can be baptized! It was another neat experience. Eliene is her name, and we are now visiting her a lot and trying to help her quit. She is slowly inproving.. and her baptism will arrieve sooner or later!

The members of this ward have woken up. They have realized that missionary work, isnt only the missionaries! It is for them to do too! They are starting to help us a lot more. It is such a blessing! After one day in the past couple weeks, where I almost started crying in the middle of the street, after knocking a billion doors, I have really started to rely on the members. We told them that we cant do this work alone. The youth have really stepped up to help us. They go out and work with us everyday, they introduce us to their friends and neighbors... it is great!

I know that the Lord puts us in the right places at the right time! I also know that "Anything easy, is most likely not worth it!"

We can all lose ourselves, for our Savior, and we will all gain eternal life! (Mark 8:35)

I am soooo grateful to be here in Maceio on a mission! I love the people, and I love this gospel! I love and miss all of you.. but the time is passing quickly... I hope you all have a great week!
Love, Sister Porath :)

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