Saturday, October 24, 2009

The week of random things! I finally realized how hard the mission really is. The language is probably the hardest, everyone says it will come but I don’t understand how. So I had a few days where I just got completely overwhelmed and started crying. So if anyone has advice…. I would love to hear it! BUT we are teaching some awesome people, including a family who is really open to learning everything, and wants what will be best for their kids, they invite us to stay for dinner a lot, and the kids love us. They came to church last week and hopefully will this week and will be able to get married, and be baptized! It is so interesting because we knocked (or clapped) at every house on this street on one side, then crossed to talk to someone on the other side, then we were leaving and my companion said she felt like we should go back and do the one house we had missed, so we did, and this was their house! Also, there is one street, a really long one, that we have been working on everyday, except for one afternoon we decided to start in a new area, and that same day, there was a shooting where we would have been! Nobody died or anything but we were blessed to not be in the area. Sometimes I walk down the street, crunching leaves and think about home :) It makes me wish I was at school… but it makes me feel a tiny bit closer to actually being there! EW. I had to kill a huge cockroach that was in our shower! I will try and send a picture… it was so nasty! And then we had 2 more the next 2 days in our house too! In our district it is just us 2 and 2 elders. They are nice, one is Brazilian and one is American that just got here a transfer before me. My apartment and area is like 30ish minutes from the mission home, but we just have to jump on a bus to get there. We are really close to the airport. We don’t have cars or bikes, we walk! Everywhere always and take a bus or van if we need to go to district meeting or conference or something. The members feed us lunch everyday. It is always rice and beans, meat, juice or soda and maybe some sort of vegetable. It is good especially because we are always so hungry! Then we eat dinner at 9 when we get back and that is just food that we buy, so something simple like rice, soup, noodles, eggs…It is SO hot. I burn even with sunscreen, and drink lots of water and sweat like a pig! It is gross! But then at nights outside, I still get a little cold! Well I love you all and pray for you… pray for me.. I need it!

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  1. I miss you a lot! I pray for your success. I love you. Keep doing your best! Heavenly Father will bless you during your mission and after that. (your teacher and friend, Erika)