Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thanks for the update on everyone! We did have the baptism! I am trying to upload a picture. Wont work. I sent a letter home today with my christmas wish list, i did buy sandals today though. The mailman said it will take 15 days to get there though! So let me know when you get it. I am trying to get used to things here, its just different! But I love you all, tell everyone hi! Thanks for everything!! Love, Kiley
It is still hard for me to believe that I am a real missionary! This week was good, long, and hard! Not too bad though... I have a billion bug bites, I want a mosquito net! One morning I woke up and my eye was basically swollen shut... bug bite I am guessing, I tried to attach a picture but it wouldnt work! My companion is amazing! She is so cute, so sweet, and helps me with portuguese, and is fluent in english! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful trainer, I wish I could be just like her, right now! We saw a dead turtle in the median of a road, and a 3 foot long dead snake! I am glad it was dead and not alive! I got blisters my first day on my feet, in 2 different places, from 2 sets of shoes so it was hard to figure out which ones to wear, but I got some sandals today that should be perfect! We went downtown today! It was so much fun, like a regular day shopping! Downtown is more like a regular big city, new york or something, but where we live is dirt roads, small simple houses, and just tiny markets to buy everything. I got a skirt too, and some more shampoo and conditioner and body wash. We had a baptism last Saturday night! I really wanted to send a picture but again, it wouldnt work, maybe next week. It was Fatima a 52 year old lady, she is always so excited to see us and is so cute! She doesnt have any teeth and I cant understand what she says but she always wants to hug me! It was really exciting for her, and a great way to start off the mission. We have 5 more scheduled for this transfer so far, One is this Saturday but it is a 14 year old girl Fabi, and we have to get her moms permission and she doesnt want her to so we are praying and doing all that we can to help her. I will write about the others when they get closer.. We have a mission blog...Brasilmaceiomission.blogspot.comYou can go there and see new pictures and stuff! Being a missionary is great! It gets hard, but is rewarding when you help the people have such happiness in their lives :) I hope you are all doing well and striving to be the best you can be!! I love and miss you! Love, Sister Porath

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