Friday, October 30, 2009

This week was better! The language... still hard! But we had zone conference which was really spiritual and helped me a ton. We just had training on how to be a better missionary, and President Beynon and his wife both gave really good talks. We found a golden family! We knocked on every door except their´s for some reason, and had a feeling we needed to go back and knock on their door. So we did, and they came to church, and the dad, Nildo, stopped drinking, and the mom, Mariza, quit drinking coffee, and they have 4 kids! Jendersen is almost 14, Vitor is 11, Joyce is 10, and Jamile is 5. They are all so cute and always want to pray, and always read the Book of Mormon and it is SO neat to watch them grow spiritually and gain a testimony. They got married, civilly, and we are going to have a big wedding and baptism for them. I am so excited! The dad is strong. He reads the BoM everyday at work after lunch, even though his coworkers make fun of him! I know they will go through the temple in a year and he will be a leader here in this area. We baptized Edvaldo on Saturday. We found him one of the first days we were here, but then couldn’t find his house. We saw him on the street the next day and he said, I waited for you guys to come and was worried, but then I was comforted and knew I would see you again. He is 21 and is a neat kid. I hope he makes friends in the ward and stays active. We did splits the other day! We had too many appointments in one day so we got a couple of the ward missionaries and split up. Adriana and Wellington (a 17 year old boy who can't wait to be a missionary, super strong, a convert of about a year and a half) came with me and I spoke as much as I could in Portuguese and then they would talk to the people and make sure they understood what was going on and then they bore their testimony. They are super strong and it was a good experience. There is an elder that comes home on Friday, from Kaysville! Bronson Nye, he is awesome! It will be weird when I am in that position. I apologize right now, those of you that know me really well already know, but I either seem to say the same thing like 3 times, or I forget to say it at all. So if I have already written about something, I am sorry! But I love and miss you all and hope you are having a good week!
Love, Sister Porath

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