Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kiley's first email-August 11, 2009

Wow! It has been an adventure! miss you all SOOO much! This email is going to be kind of scattered because I am trying to hurry. I am at this place called Mr. Cheneys cookies and I am going to send something about joining missionties, I think it is 10 dollars and they scan our letters in or email you so they get there in 2 days, and you can write to me on missionties.com and it will get to me in the mail (they print it off and take it to the mtc) in like 1 day! So that would be really nice so that it doesnt take weeks to get the letters. Pday is tuesday, so I will get to email every week. The flight over was good, I only cried a little at the airport! This city is crazy huge! It has been nice weather, like 75-80 but today it is like 68ish and kinda rainy. Our teachers are really cool! They are brazilllian and reallly funny and are returned missionaries and kind of know english. Brother Bonofacio, and Sister Erika. The food is... interesting. I think they try to make us happpy by having some american food. We had hot dogs once, and french fries twice! Pasta, and chicken nuggets were super yummy too! But the rest is some sort of flavored meat, sometimes its nasty. Lots of salad and weird veggies, fruit every day, rolls, rice and beans every meal! My companions are awesome. Sister Read is from colorado, she has short red hair and reminds me of melissa heath(its a good thing, I miss you Meliss!). We get a long good. Sister Young is from provo, but she claims to be from alaska because her family moved there while she was going to BYU (her family moved around a lot her dad was in the military.) She is always giving compliments and reminds me of my roommate Katie sometimes J I need everybodies addresses! Unless... maybe all my friends could email you mom, in order to send through missionties if you decide to do that, so it would be quick, and make good use of the money! But friends and family.... Send me your home addresses just in case! And you can respond email, I will probably write a huge one back to my mom and have her divy(dish) them out ot each of you because I reallly want to keep in touch! I love and miss you all! The MTC President and Sister Woodward are amazing! She has been reallly sweet and always asks me if I am doing alright. There are 6 boys from davis here right now! Austin cooper, taylor read, taylor sorensen, kyle mcleod and (someone)hansen. Cooper and Mcleod talk to me when we run into each other, Coop the other day was all... are you doin alright, its kind of a hard adjustment! It was sweet. Have I gotten any letters at home? Send them to me if I have please!! I think it is 3 stamps, but I`m not positive. .I cant think of anything else I wanted to say, I know there is more but just ask questions and I will answer them. I love being here (most of the time) I feel trapped sometimes because I cant go anywhere without my comps and we can only leave the building (5 block boundary) on pday! I am learning so much! It is hard but will be worth it. They threw us into learning portuguese and I am doing pretty well... but still have MUCH more to learn! I love you all and hope to hear back! Love, Sister (weird!) Kiley PorathP.S.Happy Birthday Drew!!P.P.S Did you get the email that they sent you withthe district picture? One of the elders reminds me so much of Drew!

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  1. It sounds like you are settling in. Jeanne forwarded me your e-mail. Also sound like you are working real hard. So proud of you !!
    Will you be in one place for the whole time or move around?
    We just took Devin to San Diego for 3 days. Had a lot of fun. You would love it there. We spent one whole day at the zoo. It is so big and really beautiful.
    Well just wanted to say Hi and hope you are well. Love you, Aunt Jackie