Tuesday, August 18, 2009

That is cool about my mission president, I should have asked the Beynons! I don~t think the email forwarded either... I dont know why. But maybe see if Tanner will help you figure it out. I haven~t heard from anyone else besides lindsey sweat, well rose! Only elder Eggertz is going to Maceio, all the other ones are going to Maneus, in the amazon! There should be another picture email coming, of us in front of the temple! I love going, we went again today, i dont think we will next time. Did missionties email you? If they didn~t then go to missionties.com and see if you can sign up, then i could get letters (emails) daily instead of only on tuesday in 30 minutes! I don~t know how much it is, but you can use my money too. Did you guys all get the letters that i sent? Lindsey said she was so happy to see you all at their reception! I am SO sad I wasn~t there. For the package, if you could maybe find a few little a-z address books so i can write down scriptures and stuff all under like the category hope, and be able to find it, i think that would be super helpful! Sorry about the not caps and no apostrophes this keyboard is weird and i am trying to hurry! I am sorry you have to be on crutches for longer! I really hope your ankle will be all the way better! Tell Debbie thanks and I would love to hear from her. I agree with what AJ said! I am sad to miss the logan reunion as well! Tell Tay good luck with soccer, that will be good for him! Tell Linda thanks! Thats too bad trevs roommate is struggling.... hopefully trev isn~t upset about it. I hope and pray that Mike will get a job! Have tanner or kinsey ask stephen about trevors xbox.... he needs to pick it up, cuz the guy couldn~t fix it or something. I got sick last week, just my stomach being dumb and the food doesn~t help AT ALL! But I am doing a little better... also when i was running during gym, my ankle kind of just went out and uh.. I face planted it! And it happened twice, so i dont run anymore because my ankles are retarded! This letter is SO scrammbled i~m sorry! We have 3 firesides a week, and they are always wonderful! One of them this week was a stake president here in brazil, and him and his wife are both converts and they were amazed at how many missionaries are here. they still think of the missionaries that taught them as angels and it was so neat to hear from them and realize that that will be me they are talking about soon! We got new blankets here, exactly like my white fuzzy one at home! The first day it made me super homesick! Now I love it though :) I have been dreaming so much though, and not sleeping very well... sarah is an amazing helicopter driver and courtney had a beautiful short sparkly maid of honor dress at lindseys wedding! We started giving the short lesson in portuguese! It is hard but is so neat! I have learned SO much! I love the gospel and am so grateful to be here! I miss the stone and maughan kids so much!!! We watched the legacy in port. on sunday... with english subtitles, it was neat. I LOVED the quote at the end, Promise me my legacy of faith will never die. That is how I feel!! I need Dane~s address! haha I will have to get it next week or something, I am running out of time. I love you guys so much! Write me back! Sorry this was all so scattered... I am glad michells wedding went well!I might try to get on again, but if not... next week. eventually i will figure out this system. i LOVE YOU!!!!!love, sister kiley :)

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  1. Hi there Kiley, glad that things are going good. So glad you have this blog and all. You look terrific. How is the food? Have Mom give me an e-mail add for ya please.
    Now that we are home I hope to research where you are.