Sunday, August 2, 2009

A glimpse from the past...

2 years ago at Kenny's farewell....
He gets home in 3 weeks... I leave in 2 days.
I miss him so much!


  1. It has already been 2 years?! I CAN'T believe that! It seems like we were just at his house opening his call! CRAZY!
    I'm going to miss you Kiley! Take care!

  2. oh geeze, look at us all. i miss this. amy and sam are not married. aaron is still a hard A. ryan is a little emo. courtneys still a blonde. :( Ky you are amazing! i love you!

  3. I miss these day's too!! But we've already talked about how I miss these good ol' days... It's just too bad we can't ever go back!! Hopefully we can all move forward together.

  4. holy! haha i love this picture.. and i miss everything about that time. but things haven't changed all that much :] cute!