Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I love camping! We go [almost] every year, to the same spot, with my dads side of the family. My grandma, aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, and friends!

My roommates (from last year) Tasha and Marinda came up friday night. We went on a 4 wheeler ride, roasted marshmallows around the fire, listened to/told stories, and slept in the tent. I was so happy they came up! (As you can tell, I look BLAH in this picture, we struggled to get a good one of all 3 of us! )My boyfriend Stephen also came up with me. We survived about 4 whole days of being together 24/7! [it was easy!] And also a lot of fun :)
Probably one of the most entertaining parts of the trip was Tanners brilliant idea [learned from our Stepbrother Kyler, working long boring days in foods at lagoon!] of catching a bee, freezing it, tying a string around it, letting it thaw out, then watching it try to fly away, but you have it on a 'leash' on a stick! I am sure the bee was furious! But it provided some laughs from the whole family!

We played a game Kelsey taught us called Zip Bong. It was so funny! You aren't aloud to show your teeth, here are a few pictures of us looking crazy while playing!
Love my baby brother taylor :) Basically everyone that went.

And some more random pictures from the trip!

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  1. looks/sounds so fun! I'm jealous that Marinda and Tash came. And that bee thing is hilarious.. how do you tie it up without getting stung??

    p.s. Stephen is cute.