Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just me.

Besides all of this nannying, I have been trying to prepare for my mission!  I leave in 4 weeks from tomorrow.  It finally hit me 2 weeks ago and I am sure it will even harder, the closer it gets,  and I have kind of been freaking out since!  I have bought almost everything that I need.  I got a nice luggage set for my birthday from both sets of parents.  And my mom and I went to Sams Club to get a bunch of things that they either won't have in Brazil, or that will most likely be TOO expensive to get there!  I think I have enough clothes, I still need to make sure though!  And I am a little worried about shoes, but it will all work out!  

I have been dating a boy... :)  
His name is Stephen and he's great!  We have talked a little about getting married... but I still know I need to go on a mission and if he is the one then he will be here for me when I get home!  
My car broke and I thought it would be the end of it but my stepdad took it apart and had it fixed in a few days!  

I swear there have been moments where I have thought... I want to write this down somewhere so that I can blog about it!!!  BUT I didn't, and now I can't remember what they are!  
So on that note- goodbye until next time!  


  1. ky ky... the mish is coming up soo quickly!! I almost can't believe it. It's hard to imagine next year without you.

    That's awesome your car got fixed! yay!

  2. ky i'm seriously so excited for you! (sick of hearing me say that yet?) you're such an amazing example and i know you will do wonderful things.. the time will fly and then you'll be back to lame life with the rest of us ;) luvs!

  3. What a fun campin' trip with the fam! So, I totally know Stephen, we were in an english class together at Davis High - he's such a sweetie! and you guys look fantastic together, it's so exciting that you're going a mish, I'm praying for ya! :)