Tuesday, July 28, 2009

people I LoVe :)

My parents!
Tanner & Trevor [Tanners graduation 08']

Kins & Tay :)

Sar, Me, Tash, Lizzy, Marinda
[more of my best friends, my roommates!]

Me, Sarah, Amy, Lindsey, Courtney
[my best friends since jr high]

Calley, Josh, Ethan and new baby Carter!

My good friend Kinzy from jr. high, we get together about once a year(or every other year) but when I get home, it will definately be more often!

(on right) My moms friend Collette who helped raise us kids, (on left) her daughter Sarah, who I grew up with, and her 2 kids Olivia and Cooper.

Collette's other daughter Ashley, her husband Coleman, and their 2 kids, Cash and (1 week old) Presley. Its so crazy these girls both have a family of their own, I remember when we were all little and rode bikes around the block a billion times!
Nephew Lochlan

Niece Caedence
Niece and Nephew Aspen and Celtin(not the best pic, but the only one from this day!)
Nephew Ethan (He's a new big brother!)
Niece Brindley
Niece Anika

(Stepbrother) Josiah, Sharla, Aspen, Brindley, Caedence
(stepsister) Shylo, Adam, Anika, Celtin, Lochlan
They live in Chicago now so we hardley get to see them, it was so fun to see how big the kids are getting and spend some time with them!

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