Tuesday, March 31, 2009

(Im)patiently waiting!

Life has been pretty crazy lately, filled with fun stuff...(Spring break-New York! California-Nannying! Sisters dance competitions, brothers wrestling tournaments, family get togethers... ) annnnd some not-so-fun stuff...(a viewing/funeral, parents getting laid off, losing hours at work...) but through everything- I am surviving! I am so grateful for all of my wonderful friends and family, for the gospel that helps me smile on even the hardest days, and for the chance to wake up each day fresh and having a new great attitude! :) My mission call should come tomorrow, or next week, orrrr the next week... who knows! I am trying to think of something more exciting to blog about- but its not working! So I guess I will leave you with some pictures :)

These are my AWESOME roommates. Love them ta' death! (From left to right) Tasha, Marinda(In the front), Sarah, Me, Katie, Liz :)
The paint dance last semester!
Sarah and I in Times Square, in New York!
And lastly... me and lovely Lady Liberty! :)

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