Tuesday, March 24, 2009

... To the West!

I went back to visit the wonderful family I have been nannying for in California. They live in a little city called Danville, its not far from Oakland and San Francisco. I was only there for a weekend, it rained most of the days but we got a little sun! It was crazy while I was there, someone broke into their house. We were blessed and they only took a safe, (which happened to still be empty!) but I'm pretty sure I walked in the house when they were there. I left to take Alexa to preschool, then went back to the house real quick to grab my book and a bottle for the baby, so I could wait for Samantha and Matthew

to be out of school. I noticed the side door in the garage was open and thought it was weird but I just shut it and locked it. Then when I got back with the kids, the front door was wide open and my make up bag was scattered in the hallway. When I looked in the master bedroom, all of the dad's dresser drawers had been dumped out into a laundry basket (which i knew was full of folded clothes when I left!) Luckily they hadn't made it any farther into the house, and didn't take anything else which is what makes me think that they were there when I ran in for a second. It was so scary and I wasn't sure what to do! We got it all figured out and they had a security system installed the next day! It was really sad though, they had gone to the next door neighbors house first and went through every single room in the house and took everything valuable including their big screen tv, and computers. Then a couple of the kids were sick with a really high fever... it was just an adventure!

Not sure how to label the pictures, but the first one is me with Alexa... I got a hair cut and color! :) The next one is Baby Joe (Joseph) after he climbed into the ball bin!


  1. Hey Kiley! Welcome to the Blog world! :) I'm so happy to know you have a blog and we can really know how each other is doing. Definitely keep me updated on your mission call. I am so excited for you!

    P.S. I love you color and cut. Super cute!

    Love and miss ya lots!


  2. Kiley, this is new to me so it will be fun to see how it works and get to see pictures of you. I am so excited for you to get your mission call. I can't wait to see where you are going. We are having a dinner on Sunday for Travis at 3:30. We would love for you to come if you are around.
    Goodnight, Love Anita & Dad

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