Sunday, March 6, 2011

I love Sundays.

[I LOVE this picture.... it is me and Alexa :)]
I wish I were more artistic, and able to express myself better through stuff!

I love the fact that I was able to listen and learn in church today. The angels definitely were there helping the kids [I am tending] feel the wonderful spirit!
LOVED the comments from the ward members...

"Hey, maybe their parents should go out of town more often! They were SO good today! (in Sacrament Meeting.) I was waiting for Joe to come sit with me, up on the stand!"
-Bishops first counselor
"We want to welcome Kiley, who is tending the Stone kids, and earning EVERY PENNY of it!!"
-The Relief Society Ladies

"So... are you related to them?" "No, just kinda like they're my second family." "And.. you are there with all 6 of them?" "YES... I love it! I love them!!" ".....Cool! Congrats!"
-Random people in the bathroom... and hallway.

So yes, there you have it... life is crazy, especially with 6 kids to take care of.
BUT.. I like crazy. I function best under pressure.
I want a crazy life. It is SOOO much better then sitting around not having anywhere to be, or anything to do.
So I will give a recap of my day. I know nobody reads this.. but.. it will be fun for me to remember the craziness!

1:00 am... I woke up to Joseph crawling into bed with me. I thought.. nooooope. and quickly/quietly he walked me back up to his bedroom and climbed in his bed without either of us saying a thing.
There was already one child, the oldest, in bed with me because she was a little scared of burglars!
6:30 am.. Joe and Alexa come down.... "I want Thomas!!!!" Joseph is obsessed with Thomas the train and wanted to watch an episode. I decided it being Sunday and all, it would be better to not turn the tv on. At least not yet! SO I took off his morning diaper, and let them start playing.
6:45 am... back in bed to try and get a little more rest. One by one the rest of the kids came down and I finally got out of bed (8ish) when I heard screaming... just silly fighting. But a nice sign that I really am needed.

Ok... I got a little bored of that... let me just mention a few more key parts to the day.
-Everyone wanted something different for lunch, so we played restaurant and I ended up getting them pizza, hot dogs, pb&j, annnd a quesadilla. Once they all had their 'orders' they all wanted to change and get what the other one had. Sooo round 2... made a few more pb&j annnd heated up more pizza. [The hot dog got thrown away]
-I got Joseph all cute and ready for church, and while I was getting Amanda and Alexa ready, Joe decided to go outside and play with his train... annnnd it was raining and full of puddles. Lets just say, he had to get ready all over again.
-The next few hours were bliss :)
-learned about being a true disciple in Sunday School
[Do the right things, for the right reasons]
{Follow the Savior's example of prayer}
(Treat others kindly and fairly)
-Once we got home, round one of dinner began. Eggo waffles, more pizza, string cheese, nectarines, grapes annnnd carrots.
-I spent the next 4 hours... chasing after kids, or just listening to the scream and wondering what they were up to. Annnnnnd cleaning up behind them. I found a naked boy with a poopy bum running around saying, "The doggy got the poo poo!" Yeeeahhhhh that wasnt very fun to clean up.
-We played beauty parlor... well... did mani/pedi's... on the little girls... anndd little boy. He wanted it! But then he also wanted me to take it off... good decision!
-I realized I needed to feed these energy balls... and decided on breakfast for dinner. German pancakes, bacon, eggs(Kira, the oldest made them for me!) juice and fruit. Went well... left a HUGE mess.
-Cleaning up, the cute glass blender fell over in the sink..... annnnd b.r.o.k.e. oops!
-Getting kids showered and in bed.... Its always tricky. haha last night I put 3 in the bathtub together. Yeah, that didnt work out too well. They couldnt even move to get their hair wet!
- almost 8, got Joe in bed.
-Braided Amanda and Alexa's hair so it can be curly tmrw :)
-Read books, got the girls down. Sent Matthew to his bed, didnt happen, but at least he stayed in his room playing quietly [kind of...]
-Got to braid Samantha and Kira's hair.. also.. to be curly, more like wavy, tmrw, whiiiille we finished watching The Blind Side. What a good movie!
-And after making sure those 2 got in bed... here I am now.....

Just wanted to say one more thing. Well two, first-sorry this post is so random. I doubt I will even post it, but wait, nobody will see it anyway!
Secondly.. I love this gospel!
It is the cutest thing ever to hear little kids prayers. We were looking for Kira's ipod that mysteriously disappeared this morning, annnnnd Alexa folded her arms, while still walking around, and said, "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, thank you for please show us where Kira's ipod is, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." :) Made me sooo happy! Also tonight in her nightly prayers, she said, "Please bless that I can be good for Kiley..." WiThOuT any prompting at all! What a doll, a stinker, but an angel.

Silly braids...

Also.. trying to chase this ball of fun around! He.. kinda got stuck.. annnnd I laughed! :)


  1. I love love your posts miss Kiley :]
    I can't believe how big they all are!! But it looks like you're having a blast.. now come home! haha
    love you missy

  2. FYI, I read your blog :) I like reading people's blogs to see where everyone is in life. It's fun to read stories and get ideas for my own blog. Sounds like you've got your hands full with a bunch of kiddies! F.U.N.!
    Keep it coming!