Saturday, March 5, 2011

Danville CA.

Ok... I just have to apologize, I get kinda annoyed when people post just with a billion pictures, but I am not feeling inspired to invent something to write about. I think my brain is on vacation today. But I also get on my blog and look at my friends blogs every single day, and feel bored when nobody has updated soooo... this is my update. Lame. butttt updated :)

I love the Stone Family! Here are a bunch of pictures of the fun we are having :)

The sun... and the street we live on... well they live on.. and where I am staying this week!
Amanda... holding a cute flower. It is actually a blossom, from a tree. And it makes me happy to see the signs of [spring]
Taking care of kids, you have got to always be ready to invent something to entertain them. Waiting for Matthew to finish at baseball practice, I only had my phone, and car keys. Alexa was getting restless, soooo we had a photo shoot! :)
She said, lets do a sad face.
Now, a crazy one!
"I want to kiss you on the cheek!"
She was 2 when I met her... now she is almost 6. All if the kids are sooo grown up, but I still love them so much!
A small portion of our many-papers-all-taped-together.... The biggest drawing in the world!
My Sammi... she is hilarious!! Also, a really great help. LOVE her!!
Boys will be boys.
Matthew pulling Joseph up the hill on top of Amanda's backpack. WOW.
4 of the 6 gemmmmmsss
Joe... my turn my turn!
Walking up the kill to pick the kids up from school...
Alexa is obsessed with their dog Scooter!
The 2 youngest.... So cute! (most of the time..... ;))
Joe swinging.. I swear he was going to fall off!
Slightly femi... a 3 1/2 yr old boy sitting at a princess vanity... annnnd wouldnt let any of the other kids play here!

Maybe, if I am feeling inspired, or if my brain comes back from vacation, I will write an intelligent blog about my feelings about being home, back in real life, doing normal things.

p.s. sorry about the quality.. they are all from my phone!

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