Saturday, March 19, 2011

Going Private...

Everyone else is doing it.... I am a crowd follower when I dont have a strong opinion!
Also, with all the cute pictures from the family I nanny, I figured for their safety, their parents would appreciate it if I went private after my mom asked me, "Do you have their permission to post the pictures of their kids?" I hadn't really thought of that. So yes, I will be going private and although I have only 5 viewers, I would love it if you could leave your email addresses for me to invite you to follow! If you have stumbled upon my blog, you can continue to read up on my SUPER exciting life, just leave me your email as well!
Thank you!!


  1. :( I always forget to look at the private blogs... So i hope I dont miss any good posts! I love reading your blog though, so send me an invite.

  2. I am not sure which will work best, but here are both is the one I use to send emails, is the one i use for my blog.

  3. We would love to read your blog. Please add us!! :)

  4. Hey! I want to keep reading your blog!!