Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am home!

The snowstorm welcomed me home! :)

Well... I dont have much to say...

My mission was amazing! And it is hard to believe it is over. I will share more experiences throughout the year.. (Sorry this hasnt been updated forever!)

I am home now.. and completely lost, unorganized, dont have anything that I had before, including clothes that fit nicely!

I am sure things will work out after a couple of weeks...

But.. Just wanted to thank you all for being my friends! haha

My homecoming will be Sunday at 1:00 at my church in Kaysville. 1520 S 200 E (On the frontage road, by Ponds Park.....) You are all invited and welcome over to my house after :)

Well.. wish me luck getting back into the blogging, facebooking, texting, music, movies, dating (I will REALLy need luck with that!) nOrMaL life... :)


  1. ky I am so happy you are home and that you are my friend :) I love you so much! welcome back to the blogging world. I am addicted.

  2. you are so cute! and i was SO surprised and happy to see that comment from you on my blog! my oh my, best surprise ever!! welcome home! we will have to set up a lunch date with sarah sometimes so we can all see each other!! :)

  3. KY! Thanks for your comment.. I am so happy to hear you are home safely! I love and miss you too! I want to write you but don't have your home address :( Email it to me or somethgni and I promise I will write!