Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wednesday, March 3

I cant believe it is March already! We had zone conference this week and it was really great. Also... on Sunday , we visited a few people and every house we went to, the person was sad or suffering in some way. It was hard for me because I didnt know how to help. One lady- Claudia- really wanted to go to church. So she went to the store in the morning and bought everything she needed to and then went home to put it all away and head to church with her little girl. But her husband was drinking and wouldnt let her go. He wanted her to stay home and stay in the kitchen and cook food for him and his friends that were drinking... all weekend. She was super sad, frustrated, upset when we talked to her because she is always working or at school and she had free time on Sunday but he woudnt let her go. We are going to try and help her but I am not sure how. The next house is a family that has 8 kids. And 4 of those kids, have ids of their own. Their dad died awhile back, their mom smokes like no other and doesnt have patience for them. Two of the teenage girls, that have toddlers, dont treat their babies very well. One is always smoking and they just yell at the kids. It is so sad to see kids that have no choice but to grow up in that kind of environment. We are teaching one of the older brothers, Cesar, who is going to get married and baptised :) But he has a hard time with how things are at his house too. The next house was Josefa. She is an old lady that can barely walk. She lives alone and doesnt have any help around the house. There is something wrong with her knee, and it really hurts her lower back to walk and stuff. SO my companion gave her a massage, but there isnt much else we could do. Her house had just been cleaned and we just visited with her for a bit because she is lonely. This day was hard for me. I wish I could do more to help everyone here. I know that the gospel of Christ will help them, so I am here to share it with them and help them make the little changes they need to in order to recieve the blessings. I am so grateful for the home and family I grew up in. Yes times were crazy... but things are great! When we keep the commandments, we recieve the blessings and happiness that come from God. I am so grateful to be here and am doing all I can to help the people here to have a better life :) Love and miss you all!!Love, Sister Porath

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