Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey!! Its a new week, new transfer... and new companion!! Sister Cataca- She is super cute, and super sweet and fun and I am excited to be with her this transfer! Elder Gabriel was transferred too, so we have a new zone leader, Elder Holbrook. He is from Virginia. So this transfer will be different, but will be good too! Oh.. Monday night, my companion Sister Zorzo had to go sleep in Maceio so that she could be in a training meeting at 8 Tuesday morning, so… I went with her! I was sooooo excited to go! We got to sleep at Sister Englerts house! She was my first companion.. and her other companion, Sister Moyle was there, and her NEW companion, Sister Smith was there too. So in the mission the missionary who trains (who is the first companion of a new missionary) is the mom (or dad) and now Sister Englert has trained 3! So I have 2 sisters (Moyle and Smith) and Englert is our mom! It was soo much fun to be there with all of them. We stayed up until 2 just talking… in Portuguese! Then we woke up at 5 and had to get ready to leave. Sister Englert and Zorzo went to their training (Sister Smith went with, cuz she got here earlier than normal) and Sister Moyle and I got a bus to come back to Arapiraca. She had just gotten transferred here and I knew it would be good for her to have someone to travel with :) OH annnnd I went with Sister Englert to visit the family that we baptized! Nildo, Marisa, Janderson, Victor, Joyce, and Jamilly. The kids were all sleeping already, and they woke them up and we took a picture :) It was sooo great! They were so happy to see me, and even commented that I am talking a lot more in Portuguese! So that was one of the best nights so far! I hope I can visit them again eventually and talk more. They are super strong in the church. The dad is first counselor in the young mens presidency, the mom is compassionate service leader, the 14 yr old is president of the teachers…. Aw. They are amazing! It is one of the best feelings in the world to know that because I am here serving a mission, their family is blessed with the gospel in their homes, and with strong testimonies of Christ and His church. It is times like this that I will never forget :)Happy Valentines Day!! I hope you feel my love, clear from the other half of the world, where it is always summer! Love, Sister Porath

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