Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kiley at the mission home in Maceio Kiley and Sis. Englert

Hey! The wedding and baptism were SOOOO great!!! The cake was gorgeous! We had to run around and get everything ready, we had a lot of help from a few people but it would have been a lot easier if more people had helped… but.. it was beautiful and the family is so happy and strong in the gospel already. It was so cute to see them at church on Sunday, they had their scriptures, and real church clothes (from the wedding) and looked official and like they had been members for years! It has been so neat! All of the other missionaries that I tell the story of them to gets jealous because they have been out a year and still haven’t been able to find an entire family that is ready to live and receive the blessings of the gospel. We had family home evening with them on Monday and we asked Janderson, the 14 year old boy, to prepare a little lesson. He did SO well! He even planned an activity which was questions everyone took turns answering. They were really good and thoughtful. Some were from the lessons we had taught them, some about the gospel, and some he wanted suggestions on how to have a better family night, and how they could be more united and learn as much as possible from the gospel. It is amazing. Next week are transfers… yikes! I will be happy to stay, or to go. I know The Lord is watching over me and knows what I need, and what will be best. I hope you are all letting The Light of Christ shine through you to others… just smile :)Love, Sister Porath

Everything went so well with the wedding and baptism! My feet are good… I just have a huge blister on the side of my big toe, so it doesn’t hurt and I can still walk and wear my sandals and all. It keeps getting smaller, then bigger, then small again and so on… soo I bet it will just be a huge callus. But I did get sandals here and they are great. I got 2 pairs they were on sale and should last me my whole mission. Transfers and new missionaries are next week… so I might be seeing them, soon and might not. I wonder if I will stay or go! Trev is doing a ton of genealogy and when I get home I want to go through the temple with you for everyone in our family. I think it will be SO neat! I am loving the mission and love and miss you all! I think that is all for this week… any questions? Haha thank you for EVERYTHING! I love you so much and an so grateful to be here! Love, me!

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