Thursday, November 19, 2009

I have to start by getting the HUGE elephant out of the room... I was transferred!!! I pretty much knew it was coming, so that Sister Englert could train one of the new girls, but I wasn’t ready for it or for the reality of it really happening. So.. I am now in a city about 2-3 hours inland called Arapiraca. My companion is Sister Zorzo. She is really sweet but doesn’t know any English. She is excited to learn so hopefully we can get a good schedule down and both learn a ton. It is so hard being in a new place, not knowing anyone or anywhere, and not being able to communicate very well. Especially for Christmas this will be hard, but I can do it right?? We do live pretty close to 2 elders, they are our district leaders and serve in the same ward, but the area is split into 2. We have lunch with them everyday and one if them is American so I can talk to him almost everyday so that I wont go insane. His name is Elder Shawcroft and his dad was a mission president in southern Brazil, the Campinas mission! So I was in the very outskirts of Maceio, the huge capital city, before and it seemed like the middle of nowhere. Now I am in a smaller city, but it seems like a bigger city! The roads are either paved, or most of them are big rocks that were laid down and then stuff between them, kind of like tiles.. anyway. It is more city like and I guess I like it. Hahaha We did have another baptism last week. It was a little girl turning 8, her older sister is a member, but her parents aren’t married and aren’t members but she had a big birthday party and baptism. It was a lot of fun! I guess that is all of the news… it is even hotter here.. I don’t like it! I am missing winter a lot! But last week when Sister Englert and I cleaned/defrosted the freezer, I mad a snow man! I will attach a pic, the internet is faster here now that we aren’t in Africa! I love and miss you all, I need your prayers, I need strength, but I know I am where I need to be doing what I need to be doing so The Lord will pull through on His end of the deal. Love you!!
Love, Sister Porath
P.S. Christmas is coming…. And I would love to receive a little love from you in the form of a letter! :)
All I want for Christmas are letters letters letters from everyone! I have been writing Kyler, he seems happy to hear from me and his strength helps me too. I wrote most everything in the weekly email this week… This is really hard but I know it will get better. I will hopefully get to see Sis Englert in a few weeks at Christmas Conference. It will be good to see the new sisters too.

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  1. Hi, my son, Elder Stembridge, is also serving in Arapiraca right now. Please feel free to contact me at