Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We had a great family night last night. This lady, Antonia, is an inactive member. Her husband and oldest son were killed in their house one night a few years ago. Her sister, Margarita, and her family are active members of the church. The elders that work in our ward too, just happened to knock on Antonia's door and invited her to come back to church. I know she needs strength and help so we all went there to have a family night. She chose my companion to give the message. She shared the scripture 2 Nephi 27:23. It says that God is a God of Miracles. The spirit was really strong. I know she was inspired to talk about that. Then each of us missionaries bore testimony. I had a feeling I needed to talk about Gods perfect plan for each one of us. I have a really strong testimony of this because of the things that have happened in my life. Antonia said the closing prayer, and almost cried. It was amazing. I know she will return to church, and be able to have strength to continue to go and to rely on the Lord. I know God works in mysterious ways, but everything happens for a reason. I am so grateful for my testimony and the fact that I am here to help people gain trust in the Lord and gain a testimony also.
Love you all!
I also have a new email address. It is Hope to hear from all of you!!

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