Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hey! I am flying to Maceio with 5 or 6 Brazilian Elders and 1 Brazilian Sister… I don~t feel quite ready to jump into all Portuguese but I don’t feel like I would be able to get much better staying at the CTM any longer. I just need to take the plunge! I cant wait to see wedding pictures… Wish I could have been there. Let me know all the details too! Oh they are just driving to Cali for their honeymoon? Are they staying at Crosbys place again? I cant believe they are married! I don’t know when my pday will be… it was good to hear about Tay and Kins, please tell them I REALLY want them to write me! I even emailed Kins and she didn’t reply. They can just email.. its fine but I miss them so much. I hope Mike can be successful with the loan officer! Will you post a status update on facebook when you add my email to my blog? Also put my email address on there and tell people they can email me whenever! Irma Erika said she doesn’t need the ring anymore… so maybe we can still just buy her one? I want to call you guys! Do you have a calling card with minutes? I guess the only way if you do have one, is you can write me on Dear elder and it will get to me before I leave and let me know all the info. If not.. its fine I guess, but President Woodward did say it is ok to call. I love you mom! Thanks for everything.. I sent a few pics home today with a letter, were you able to look at all of them from Irma Erika? Thanks again! This week has been a good one! We went proselyting again, in the big city! We went to a plaza… it was so neat! Just a big open space with people sitting everywhere. The first lady we talked to seemed really interested, after we were done and walked away, she kept reading the Book of Mormon! She was super sweet and was helping us when we struggled with a Portuguese word. We talked to a guy from Africa… in English! Because he doesn’t know Portuguese. He said he had a friend in Africa who was a member and he always wondered about our church like the origin, and why we are called latter day saints. So we taught him all about the restoration and it was awesome! It is hard to know if anything will come out of handing out all of the Book of Mormons but I bet eventually, somewhere down the road, it will bless or convert someone. At least I can tell myself that right :) Ok also… since we have been at the CTM FOREVERRRRR my companions and I decided to have some fun. We put on a puppet show! Hahaha It was SO much fun and ended up being really funny! We stole silverware from the cafeteria, made a dress for the sisters, and put toothpicks on for arms… And hung up a sheet, turned off the lights, and used the flashlight, and acted out a day in the life at the CTM! Almost all of the American sisters came, and a few of the Brazilians, and they all laughed a lot! The elders said they heard us, from the 6th floor! (and we are on the 2nd :) It was through the windows though. Anyway… just a little something for all of the girls to remember us by! I have to say the closing prayer tonight at the devotional…. In PORTUGUESE! I am nervous! Praying was the first thing we learned how to do, on like the 2nd day, but still… I have a feeling I am going to get up there and totally blank! I might not be able to write next week… but I hope I can after I get to Maceio! I love you all and am so grateful for your support and willingness to listen about my adventures! Keep smiling!! Love, Kiley

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