Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sept 15th

got the package last week! Thank you so much! Everyone in my district enjoyed the fruit snacks, even my teachers! They dont have ones like that here and thought it was funny, LOVE the my little pony! Last thursday was a really hard day for our district, one of our elders went home. He had been struggling here and just wasnt happy. We are hoping he can get things figured out and come back out! But we´ll see. Everyone cried, even the boys. It was really sad. BUT friday was amazing! We got to go proselyting! We each got 2 Book of Mormons and got to walk around outside the CTM (in our boundaries) and hand them out. It was SO neat and made me really feel like a missionary! We gave them all away in the first hour! All the people were really nice and I really hope that they will read them and they will want to know more, or meet with the real missionaries. I was surprised at how well I could talk to the people. I definately have a TON of room for improvement, but we got the point across and that is what counts. We were so excited to tell both of our teachers about our experience, and all of the other sister missionaries too. Being coordinating sisters is fun. We were already pretty close to most of the girls but this has made our love for them grow. Some of the new Brazillian sisters that got here last week, asked us if we will teach them english everynight for 30 minutes, and they will help us with our Portuguese. We have only done it once, but it was so neat! I can~t wait to be a teacher! They are SO cute and so sweet and it is so beneficial for all of us! We went to the temple again and saw a cute Brazillian sister that was here in the CTM with us, she was so excited to see us and it was fun seeing her! I cant wait to be a REAL missionary, instead of just one in training! Our district leader shared a wonderful thought with us. It was about Christ, and suffering in the Garden. We all need to go there with him. He has suffered for our sins, and he still is. Each time we are sad, or struggling- He wishes we werent. It is still hard for him to let us go through it, but he really has felt all of our pain before and is there standing next to us, to help us with everything. I love this fact and I am so grateful for Christ. For His love, and for His sacrifice. I am so grateful for my knowledge about him and of this gospel. It truely does strengthen families and bring happiness into our lives. I only have 3 more weeks of training and then it is out into the big bad real life world for me! I cant wait! I know it is going to be SO hard, but it will be worth it! I love you all! Keep smiling :)Mom! I am glad the kids went to kennys homecoming.. I really hope he is doing ok. It has to be SO hard to find a job and get some money to live on for him. I did get the email from Mr. Barney- I dont think I replied though! I need to! THere has only been one Brazillian sister that went to my mission a few weeks ago, she is cute! THere is another one that comes in on thursday so I am looking forward to meeting her and there are like 7 elders going to maceio, Brazillian, but they are who I will travel with. My address is the same that I gave everyone I think, so you guys can send stuff there and I will get it, I will check on it for sure and tell you what it is next week. School is always busy for you! I am glad you like it this year. How is your ankle? Are you healed? Thanks again for the package! It is annoying that it is so expensive to send! I dont need another one... until Christmas! And you can put more stuff from my room in it, thanks! Like facewash.... and prob more sunscreen... I´ll let you know more what I need when the time comes. Irma Erika added me on facebook, so you can accept it for me and talk to her a little, she knows english! and tell her to tell me hi or something! She is SO amazing! Also... her friend send her a CTR ring, but it is too big. Could you maybe get her a smaller one and send it to her? I will send it to you guys in a package next week.. Maybe just look into it, she needs like a 4.5 i think. SO you will prob have to special order it. It is the one with the butterflies on it. So check on that, and let me know. Thanks! I want to hear from tanner kinsey and taylor, and kels agaiN! I will try and shoot them all an email. I love you and am so grateful for your example! Have a good week! LOVE YOU! -----Original Message-----

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