Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hey! this week was good! Nothing TOO exciting, but we got to go to the Campinas Temple today! Look it up, it is beautiful! and has an amazing view. It is in a different part of the city and all the houses are really nice. I even saw an audi up there! My companions and I got called to be the new coordinating sisters this week, for the rest of the time we are here. We will be in charge of welcoming all the girls, even the brazillian sisters! It will be hard, to speak to them, but really rewarding. We are really excited! Ok so... I love you all dearly, BUT I still haven~t gotten a letter from ANYONE!!! SLACKERS!! I finally got my first letter like last thursday, but it was from Ryan Prince. So.... hopefully I have a lot on the way or maybe I will soon?? SO glad to hear everyone is related to my mission presidents! Tell them to warn Him and his wife that I am coming! haha How much longer do they have out there can you find out? I should know, but I dont. My companions are great, they are so smart and know EVERYTHING about the gospel, I have a TON to learn from them, but they help keep me going. I haven~t heard from kins.... I really hope she is ok! You can teach her how to drive my car and work all that out however you want, whatever is best! What happened with her accident? How is she liking school? And Tay? Did Tanner start this semester? I havent heard from any of the kids except Kelsey!! I had a rough day the other day, got really frustrated because we taught a lesson in portuguese and our teacher wasn~t very nice while being an investigator, and then he wasn~t very nice about giving us criticism. So the next day I fasted and just really prayed for strength, and that is when we got our calling, and a we got a letter from an elder that left here a few months ago, and my desire and strength was just renewed! It was SO humbling, and I really needed that to happen because I was letting myself be homesick and wish I were there instead of here. But I am once again so grateful to be here, especially with the spirit that is here at the MTC. I love it and love all that I am learning. My testimony is growing so much and I cant wait to teach people and share this happiness :)Sorry if its scattered again.... I miss and love you. Thank you for everything!! Love, Kiley

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