Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last trip to Californ-I-A. Love and miss the Stone's!

I have been spending my days nannying!  I made my last trip out to California (for who knows how long!) and I enjoyed every minute of it!  It was really a great week (although stressful!)  Jani- the mom who I adore/look up to/is my role model- was gone the first few days getting a little break/having a girls weekend.  Jared-the dad/bishop/wonderful/patient man! was home except for when he was at work or bishoping, which was most of the time!  Jani's parents took Amanda (the 6 year old) with them to Utah for the week so I was tending Kira, Samantha, Matthew, their cousin Harrison (who was such a great listener and gave me ZERO problems, and even helped Matt be a better listener!) Alexa, and Joseph.  The older kids were good, good listeners, and helped out a lot.  The younger 2 were a lot of fun to be with even though Joseph is almost 2 and gets in to EVERYTHING!!!  This is them in the bathtub (pardon the cute white bum!), it was so cute!  Joe would stand at the end and say, "Go!"  Then he slid down the side of the tub and landed in the water.  The first time he did it it scared me and made me frustrated because he was splashing everywhere but then I realized that it was fine and I could clean it up!  We mad a few trips to the swimming pool, one being on my birthday, and it was a lot of fun!
 Matthew and Harrison

I love swimming, and being in the sun!  On my birthday I also got to choose what to have for dinner [chinese-SO yummmy!] choose a cake [ice cream cake- chocolate and chocolate chip ice cream :)] and Jared and Jani got me a Juicy Coutoure watch!  It is so nice and so cute and fun!   They have a tradition at their house that on someone's birthday they all tell that person why they love them.  Jared and Jani even participated and I teared up.  What they said, and what the kids said, really touched my heart and I could feel how much they really do love me, and I love them SO much too!  I ended up switching my flight, to stay an extra day, and was able to go watch their Showbiz performance.  It was really cute!  They sing and dance and I loved watching it (while I wasn't chasing Amanda or Alexa around)  Kira did a High School Musical mix, she had a solo and was dancing and singing a duet with a boy, and I teared up, again!  I just pictured her growing up, really liking boys, and I'm not even sure what else but I definately felt more than just a babysitter to her.  Samantha did a Best Buddies song/dance, and she had a solo too!  It was so fun to be there!  
This is Samantha (in the blue and green)  During Kira's I was holding Alexa (she fell asleep on my lap! and I couldn't get to my camera)

I am SO grateful to have had the chance to get to know, love, live with, and be a part of this family.  They have played a tremendous part in me becoming who I am, influencing who I want to be, and been an amazing example of how to get there.  I will always love them and hope to always keep in touch with them!  
Joseph and Alexa (he looks huge!)
Them again, watching TV. 
I can't believe he will be 2 in about 1 month.  I met them before he was even born!  
And Alexa posing for the picture :)  

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