Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bridal shower #1

I threw a bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law (with a LOT of help from my mom, and others!) It was a lot of fun and turned out well! We started with dinner, had people fill out advice for Kels, guess how many starbursts were in a jar (the winner got to keep it,) split into 3 teams and had them all design a wedding dress out of toilet paper and Kelsey chose her favorite, the winning team got candy bars. We also had a mad libs story where everyone chose a random word (place, number, adjective...etc.) and threw them all in a story, it was hilarious! We also played an ABC game where everyone had to come up with as many wedding related words as they could, one for each letter, and everyone was assigned a letter to bring a gift (that started with the letter) and also a food storage item that starts with the same letter as their name. We had about 40 people in our house and it was fun to meet all of the people that are important to Kelsey! She is such a doll and we are so excited and happy for her to [officially] become a part of our family!

Notice the gifts... from the beginning.. until the end! They are so blessed they won't have to buy anything at their new apartment!
Kels and Devyn [the maid of honor] are CHEESY!
Sharla (our stepsister) made this apron... it is DARLING! and also the colors Tanner and Kelsey want for their kitchen! (She didn't even know!)
Keep tuned for another bridal shower!

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  1. NO way is Tanner getting married!!! How old is he? That is crazy!

    BTW, what is Stephens last name? He went to Davis right? I think he dated my friend Rachel years ago. Such a small world. You guys are so cute together! :)